I have recently received a flood of requests for donations – I can’t always afford to give something, but the universe has been unbelievably generous with me this year so I am giving a little back. Like this hatbox of goodies for this benefit. If you need to eat Sunday and live locally, maybe I’ll see you there!

How often do you get asked for donations? How do you decide what/whether to give – just wondering.

Hope you all have a creative weekend!

2 thoughts on “donations

  1. I used to get asked often for donations to art auctions and I usually gave a decent-sized artwork Except for one annual fundraiser run by a very close friend, I don’t get asked anymore. I’m not sure what to make of that.

    • I actually get asked less often now than I did – it was just a sudden spate of asking that made me wonder! I am sure its not a reflection on your work which is beautiful.

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