family life & frugality

This coming weekend I was supposed to be heading off to Saltonstall Art Colony for a weekend retreat – 4 days of glorious uninterrupted silence in a studio by myself.

Then a few weeks ago, my admittedly very old car blew up – a terminal head gasket demise. My hubby offered to rent a car for me to go, or even to let me take his truck but it seemed the last straw, too much to ask. So I am having a retreat at home instead. I am catching up on everything that needs to be done, so I can take a few days to really get down to work. My hubby says he can feed himself (and me). I am so unbelievably loved!

My hubby has given up a lot for my dreams – when we met he was planning to become a professional race driver (he is very good) and then we fell in love and he extended his tour in the Air Force so we could be married. By the time his career in the services was over we had two children, so he got a “real” job to give us a home and security. We always imagined some day down the road there would be enough money to give him his start – then we had another child. For twenty years now he has worked a job that doesn’t emotionally reward him so that we can have all the material comforts we enjoy – our beautiful home, food on our table, a choice of what to wear. He has helped to put two of them through college and this year he will be adding a third lot of tuition. He is such a good man.

I tell you all this because he also stood by me as I decided to go back to college. He juggled the kids and his job so that I could take a year in England by myself to finish my masters. He has supported and encouraged me every step of the way, and here I am living my dream. I teach at a college, I have a wonderful spacious studio, I have time and space and love. I have lots of love. All because of him.

This year our baby heads off to college, it is a new time in our lives together. The future suddenly seems wide open again. I am applying for full time teaching jobs all over and together we are dreaming of the next phase in our lives. I hope one of those jobs works out, that all the stars align, and then maybe I can take over some of his burden and he can begin to dream again.

A new house in the country, a BIG BIG barn – downstairs for his workshop, upstairs for my studio. Oh how I hope the universe is listening!

But back to now, I have no idea how I will afford a new car, or the summer of weddings, or the extra tuition bills next year. I  am just trying to count my blessings and hold on for the ride. Living your dreams is sometimes pretty scary! Lucky for me I have a good man to hold me when it gets too rough.

14 thoughts on “family life & frugality

  1. Not sappy – sincere. Your post lifts up what the real meaning of love is – sharing, working, caring for others, and carrying on in the challenges. Peace for your rough waters and a sturdy boat to take them on!

  2. You said it very well.
    Every word.
    Believe it or not we have the same life.

    Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am.
    Good luck.

  3. So amazing to think all those years back that we had no idea what a first slow dance would lead to! You have always been so perfect together it makes me feel really emotional to hear how happy you still are together, he is truely a lovely man and they are rare to find! xxx

  4. What a beautiful story. Throughout our lives, money can come and go, but the support and love of our family and good health far outweigh anything else. Wishing you lots of luck on the new chapter in your lives. Fingers crossed that as you say- the stars are aligned!! And remember, you are indeed very lucky! xxoo Jilly

    • Thanks Jilly – just got done with my first interview – not sure how it went, so its back to waiting and trusting it will all come out right in the end

  5. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to get over here, as supportive as you have been to me! I love this post. What a great you’ve got, and how wonderful that you appreciate it!

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