New toy

I finally gave in to the lure of the smart phone. So I am testing it out as a bloging tool! The tiny keyboard is hard to type on – in fact I imagine it would be pretty impossible without fingernails – a commodity I am often without! But I guess it would do in a pinch.

So, what have I been up to? Not a lot I can share. Still working on the submissions for Seth’s call for work. I have no idea how to post a link using this app, so read the last post for details – sorry growing pains! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so no pics till after he gets the work.

Tomorrow I am headed out to a workshop on approaching curators. This is something I need to work on so I am excited about it. After working with the SAVI artists last year I really feel like I need to focus on moving my own career forward and practicing what I preach. I did send out some images for a juried show this week. I am trying.

I am also back to job applications. I have to believe that the universe has a great plan for the next step of my life. Just trying to remember not to second guess what that could be and stay open to possibility.

Well I promise a real post after tomorrows workshop – although I will probably write it on the laptop!

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