more busy-ness

Where have I been? Up to my eyeballs in research papers to grade. I like to assign research because I think it gives the students a rare opportunity to think about whatever they like for a bit (as long as it is related to art history of course), but wow! are they hard work to grade, all that checking and cross checking in addition to grammar and spelling. But finally I am finished with the rough drafts and can get back to the studio.

Last week after I showed Room for Utopia at the Gender & Activism conference, I had to take it apart and put it back up at the Quick Center for the Arts at St Bonaventure, where it will be on display as part of the Routes to Art Tour until mid-May. That was a lot of work! It takes about 4 hours to install as all the paper is hand tied onto the frame, but I am still quite in love with how it looks, so it seems not such a big deal, and unlike some of my other work at least I don’t need a team of big strong guys to help.

Other than that I have been working away on a lot of new stuff. I finished my piece for Seth’s call for work (If you haven’t entered it is not too late, go here for the details) and I am going to show a couple of glimpses here. I don’t want to completely give it away so I will wait until/if Seth posts an image to give you the whole view. But working on this has also opened up another new line of ideas, there will never be enough time! So back to work…


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