Garden Journal workshop

Image courtesy of Jennifer Schlick.







Taught a really fun class at Jamestown Audubon tonight – for those in attendance who want the downloadable instructions, or for anyone else who might want to make one – here are the directions for tonight’s workshop project – garden journals.

I had a great time teaching this class! What a great group!  I always think that accordion bindings are trickier than they seem – you really have to fold carefully and in nice parallel lines to get a polished look – which is not as easy as it looks. I always feel mine could be cleaner and more even, but when you fill it up with seeds and tags I doubt anyone would even notice!

If you want to add pages in the valleys in the “back” side of the book (the side without the pockets), you can use these pamphlet binding instructions, just substitute the valley fold of the accordion for the cover in her directions. Then you will have a great journal with pockets!


4 thoughts on “Garden Journal workshop

  1. Deb-Gorgeous Garden Journal!!! Just love the spring colors and accordion center pages with those pockets! I am sure that your students just loved your teaching and the class!! Looked at your links and it’s now on my list of projects I want to try! Thanks so much! Have a super weekend!! xo Jill

  2. Deb, this is lovely! Kim just went to a couple of conferences, one in Asheville and one in Burlington, and came home with organic seeds for our garden. This gives us a creative way to organize and record our first vegetable garden. Thank you, you are truly an inspiration!!!
    Love, K2

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