more installation & finally back in the studio

After a glorious day last week, this week in POURED with rain for our outside installation day – not that we would let a bit of rain stop us from making art! (otherwise we Brits would never get any art done!!) I worked with one of my students Heidi under the pavilion, so the work is on concrete, but it is not so bad. Sorting the leaves by color was really soothing and therapeutic with the sound of the river roaring past us and the rain dripping from the roof.

Then I did manage to take a very short break from endless grading today to get up into the studio with my intern for a bit. While she folded and sorted paper (wow I am an evil boss) I finished an “almost duplicate” of the little book I sent in for Seth’s challenge, hidden away at the very bottom is a tiny envelope, I am not telling what I put in the one I sent to Seth – he may or may not share my secret, and it was very personal – but while I was making them I kept thinking about that little rhyme – I sent a letter to my love, it was a playground game when I was a kid back in England. So that’s what I decided to put in this one. Can’t wait until next Friday when all my final grades are in and I can spend some time in the studio before I have to start my summer-pay-for-a-wedding-job.

I sent a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it


1 thought on “more installation & finally back in the studio

  1. What a wonderful letter and envelop- just love the way you’ve arranged the words with that wonderful nursery rhyme! I’m sure Seth will just love what you sent to him!

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