so much news…

Wow so much has happened since my last post, where to begin? First I am SUPER EXCITED to be included in this years MARK program sponsored by NYFA, so in couple of weeks I will be traveling to Syracuse for a long weekend to think about me, my art and my art career. I am really pumped! As usual though I am worried about how I will afford it – I did get a scholarship to cover part of my tuition,( if anyone out there has friends or family in Syracuse who would be open to having a house guest for a couple of nights please let me know!)

It does seem as if the universe is doing her darnedest to help though, as I have several little design/teaching jobs lined up (as well as RealJob 2 days a week). I am really hoping this is all going to work out. I have been feeling as if I am at a crossroads with my art right now, so I am looking forward to having some dedicated time to work on what’s next for me.

Things in the studio continue to flood out – I woke up this morning with several ideas resolved and have been able to work productively in the studio all day (by ignoring the housework). Unfortunately I am working on many projects at once so I don’t really have many images to share. Here’s a bit of a preview of some things – nothing is finished, but as always comments/thoughts are quite welcome!

Like all mixed media artists I have boxes and boxes of paper… here’s an example


I get so much joy from looking at all the beautiful colours and texture, and I have always wished I could share that feeling of luxury that my paper brings me with others.

I have been moving this old window frame around the studio for a year and I was struck with inspiration. I am creating a work of woven papers/thread/ephemera. I really adore artists who make these really random layered works with color and texture galore, but when I try it it just makes a mess, I need structure – maybe that’s all my years as a graphic designer at work – so I created big sheets of paper with randomly collage papers in various palettes

Then I cut them up into orderly squares and rectangles and wove them into a loom of threads. Here’s a look at the beginning….

Right now it is anchored on a piece of foamcore, but I plan to suspend it inside the old window frame when it is a bit further along. I really like how it looks so far – but really, how can you go wrong with a grid? (hoping I don’t find out – LOL).

Nothing else will make any sense as it is now, so you’ll have to be patient a while longer!! Maybe I’ll have more to post tomorrow?!

Lastly a couple of family notes – first Nick & Chelsea are doing well, back to work and busy with their wedding plans – but keep them close to your hearts anyway. And second – it was the baby’s prom this weekend, so here she is

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