Setting the goal posts

  I have been thinking about the MARK experience again as I spent all day yesterday working on my homework – setting my goals for the next two years. Well actually… let’s talk about procrastination first! I had every intention of spending the whole day working on finishing up my goals and getting together the required presentation for my peers, but, as is usually the case when I have something really pressing I have to do I turned into some crazed 1950’s housewife! (without the stilettos & pearls but you get the idea).

The 4th may seem like an odd day to set aside to work, but as I am British (and we LOST), and especially now my kids are grown with busy lives of their own, the hubby and I usually opt for a quiet day of pottering at home together. I really did plan to get right down to work on those goals, but first I had to figure out what was for dinner. Because I was really just procrastinating I decided we needed a fancy meal with dessert – so I cooked for a while. Then as I was putting away some glasses I discovered that the dinning room china cabinet really needed to be cleaned, so I cleaned it. Cleaning china cabinets isn’t usually high on my list of things to do (as you would know if you had seen it) and if I hadn’t had goals to write it would still be dirty now. Clearly some members of my family don’t see this behavior, elaborate meals from scratch, baking, cleaning as a problem… but those goals were still nagging me and I was getting a bit testy.

Eventually by mid afternoon I was beginning to make some headway, the dining room table was stacked with inspirational books and some of those blank pages were filled with scribble and then the hubby had to drive to a parts store in another town and invited me along for the ride (in air conditioned comfort) – how could I resist? Besides – I needed to mull for a bit – right?

By the end of the day I had finished roughing out all of my plan and tomorrow – I mean later today –  I will be finishing up my presentation for the group. If I don’t find something that needs cleaning first!

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