yellow hair

Where do ideas come from? I only know the beginning of the answer. For this work I started with two thoughts.First I have been thinking about fairy tales, as Molly’s work takes me there, and so this old window made me think of Rapunzel. And then I have had this Yeats in my head – love you for yourself alone and not your yellow hair. It felt as if the two things were some sort of obsessive love story.

As I added the thread to the window screen I was thinking about Penelope weaving and about Arachne of course. I feel so linked to the generations of women before me with their thread in hand, spinning straw into gold.

I wanted to add the text. It seemed right to scratch it into the surface, the way you scratch your first love into a schooldesk.

And now it is finished. So I began and the work finished itself. I don’t really know how the ideas come together in my head, or why those ideas. All I know is when the work feels right, it leads, I follow.

3 thoughts on “yellow hair

  1. Now all I can think of is “Rapunzel Rapunzel – let down your hair! I love when ideas just seem to flow – slippery things they are- making a
    ” splash down” when we least expect it! Xo

    • thanks Jilly – I am so glad it makes you think Rapunzel as that was my original intent. And yes! ideas are such slippery things and you never know where one will come from or where they will take you. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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