book news

I have been hard at work for the last couple of days on the guest book for my sister’s wedding, using all that beautiful purple paper. When she was visiting last month we picked out some ideas that I am now wrapping all together to form a unique set of guest books (one for each table at the wedding) housed in a slip cover. She loved this folded origami style (there is some cutting so not true origami) envelope page from this book, again by Alissa Golden. Each book is made of 5 folded pages which creates 4 pockets per signature. These pockets will hold pictures of their guests taken at the wedding.


The fun bonus is the pages also have a hidden pocket, each of  which will hold cards for messages to the bride & groom. The binding – also from Alissa Golden’s book is sewn and tied. You sew a random running stitch up the center of each signature leaving a tail at each end which you then tie together to create a really quick fun binding! I am adding some little beads at the spine for a bit of sparkle too.







I’ll take some pictures of the slip case and the finished project later today when I get home from realjob!

In other book news, the artist’s book collective’s show Bound opens today in Leeds, UK. Here is a link to the work featured in the show – my blackwork embroidered binding also titled bound is included. A huge thank you to Louise for organising this group and the touring show.



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