When I was making the golden hair piece I was thinking about all kinds of fairy tales. I realized that that this piece was also about closing a chapter in my own life. I suppose like many girls I listened to the poetry of Yeats and Keats and that grand passion, and a small part of me longed to be that object. Lucky for me I got the much better, steadier kind of love, but I wondered when I was threading that hair what it would have been like to be so adored and for a little instant I was wistful, I think it is unlikely that I would ever inspire that kind of slavish devotion, and probably wouldn’t really want it now if I did. Anyway, with all that silky golden thread, the idea of spinning straw into gold kept popping into my head.

Since the kids are gone I have time to just follow a whim, so I did. I started adding to a collage that I have been moving around the studio for years and I think it is headed in some interesting directions (and maybe even helped me resolve a couple of other things that have been kicking about).

I never liked the story of Rumpelstiltskin – I always felt a bit sorry for him, taken in by a pretty crying face. Actually I never understood the story at all, the king wants her out of greed, the prince wants her for her pretty face, she wants him for his money and title, and she gets him by cheating, both him and Rumpelstiltskin. Now I wonder if I wasn’t missing some alchemical allegory in the spinning straw into gold.

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