day after lull

I dropped off my work for the Octagon Gallery show yesterday – I missed Molly – it was raining hard and I am still a baby about driving in bad weather even after all these years so I didn’t hang about to see her and risk driving in the dark & rain. It will be interesting to see what Nancy (the curator) makes of the complete mish-mash of things I brought for her! Of course I am feeling a bit panicky about the choices I made and all the ideas that just haven’t blossomed in time. I am hoping all the curators I stupidly invited ignore me. I am having a bit of an art-identity crisis!

Fortunately today I haven’t had time to dwell on my useless panic (what am I going to do – go get all the work back and cancel the show??!!). I taught in the morning and then worked at the print shop in the afternoon. It was crazy-busy which was enjoyable for a change in pace. Sometimes it feels good to feel accomplished and skilled at what you are doing, and to plough through a pile of things to do with aplomb! Better than making art some days, at least it feels less emotional and more manageable.

Tonight my friend Jen hosted the first in what we hope will be a series of dinners. Many of us find ourselves with no one to eat dinner with, so we decided to eat together and form a sort of informal supper club. Jen made a very delicious tilapia with peach and mint salsa, fresh corn and a salad. Lots of wine, great coffee and conversation – yum!

Now I am back home and feeling at a bit of a loose end. I am puttering around putting away all the framing stuff I have all over from preparing work for the show. I suppose I ought to get down to a little work but….

Perhaps an early night will get me in the swing for tomorrow. Going to putter and clean for a little while longer then call it a day.

5 thoughts on “day after lull

  1. First, congratulations on submitting your artwork for the show! That’s super and I’m confident it is much better than you’re feeling about it. You must have opening night jitters! I understand what you mean about working and completing tasks that bring a sense of satisfaction that can’t always be matched by other activities.
    Your new supper club sounds very sophisticated and so decadent- wish I could have joined you! Here’s an early wish for a fun filled weekend. And- I must tell you your artwork in Seth’s post is awesome. I tried to enlarge it to see all of the details. Xo

    • Jilly – you always say such nice things! I will take some video tomorrow night and you can decide for yourself. I am so glad you liked the piece in Seth’s post – it is still one of my favorites, I keep it in my office even tho it is huge!

  2. i agree that your artwork at Seth’s is beautiful and so is what you wrote. Your dinner club does sound wonderful and like Jill I hope that you have a wonderful art filled weekend…

    • Roxanne – the dinner club is wonderful! As I said to Jill – I am still in love with that piece, let me know when you see the video from the show what you think of teh work!

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