quiet night

It is eerily quiet here in suburbia – school has started again, and instead of hearing the screaming laughter of kids outside my studio windows as I work – I hear nothing. Bedroom lights are out early and the whole neighborhood seems hunkered down. Walking home from evening coffee on a neighbors porch all I could hear was the loud chorus of night insects and the odd car, but even the traffic dies down during the school year. Perhaps in year’s past it wasn’t so obvious as I was tucking in my own children and hoping for a good night’s rest myself, but this week I realised how different the rhythm of life is around here once school starts. The nights are closing in and the leaves have begun to change, time keeps marching on.

And I am adjusting to this new moment in my life and trying to find a new routine, a way to occupy the time on my hands not needed for homework or the drama of high school. I think I may come to like this leisurely pace and all the options that lurk enticingly ahead. I am reviewing applications for residencies and looking at possible places to continue my education. I am reading the catalogs for classes I might even have time to take – I already signed up for some yoga. I actually have time to consider instead of jumping in with both feet (which doesn’t guarantee I won’t – but at least the option is there) which seems like the most opulent luxury. I expect great things from this new me. I hope I don’t disappoint!

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