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Wow! What a crazy weekend! Friday was the opening of tangled narratives at the Octagon gallery. I remembered to take my camera, but there were so many interesting conversations to be had I forgot to even use it. Fortunately Molly took some snaps and has posted all about the opening over on her blog. Thanks Molly! I think that Nancy did an amazing job establishing a dialogue between the two bodies of work. I really love the space and I am happy with how everything looks, Nancy even manged to figure out a way to display preservation, since the books all fold into one another it is quite a challenge. I really should make a video of it unfurling at some point as watching it peel apart is such fun! After the opening we headed into Fredonia for dinner & drinks at the brewery which was a perfect way to end the day.

Last night my son’s band played at the Local Music Showcase, a huge fundraiser for Infinity Visual and Performing Arts. Local bands and venues donate their time and space, and everyone gets to enjoy an evening of varied and unlimited music for just $10. Really the talent in Jamestown is amazing and totally worth driving out for the evening if you like live music. Acts range from acoustic to metal and there is a decibel level for everyone! I had a really fabulous evening, I always run into people I rarely see, so its a chance to grab a drink and catch up. I don’t go out much anymore, and evenings like this remind me how much I enjoy dancing and socializing – although to be honest my son probably wishes there had been less dancing! (I blame him as the band played a cover of The Clash – of course I had to “dance”)

Today I am feeling worn out!!! But really relaxed and totally unwound for the first time in ages.

I really want to thank everyone for a mind altering weekend; all my friends and colleagues who came to the opening & everyone I ran into downtown last night. It has been a weekend of great conversations and I feel connected and energised because of you all. Thanks for reminding me that I can still be a little wild and young at heart – especially if the band is covering The Clash!

1 thought on “art & music

  1. What a segue from the softness of a seemingly passive lull to such a rich and vibrant weekend for you. Such a combination of people, conversations, dancing and most important – connections. Connections which integrate all of these loves which can’t help but translate throughout your art and creativity . Sorry I missed the actual event but enjoyed being taken there through your writing! Almost weekend time. I am sure your renewed energies will give you much time for reflection! Xo

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