Oh poor neglected blog! Where have I been, well honestly alternating between acting like a chicken with my head cut off and relaxing. The beginning of the school year is always so nuts, plus I am still working at the print shop, hoping desperately not to have to borrow money for tuition, so work is keeping me really busy. But I have also been trying to make an effort to be a little better to myself and to spend more time with my poor hubby – who is often as neglected as this blog.

This week has been a banner one for taking care of me. Tuesday night I had the amazing opportunity to hear Christo speak about his work. I can only hope to still be as passionate and filled with enthusiasm for my work when I reach his age. He was a very entertaining speaker and fielded at least an hour of audience questions with grace. It was a memorable evening, I am so grateful the chance came my way.

Yesterday was even more incredible! I taught until 11 and then hopped in a van and headed out to Pennsylvania with a group from Jamestown Audubon to see the Elk. It was a magical day, they are such majestic and enormous animals, we were able to watch them for hours and see two large herds. The boys were all busy bugling and herding up their harems, the girls pretty much ignored them and kept on eating. It was such a wonderful experience. I spent my time rapidly sketching as they moved around. I didn’t draw anything of note, but it was so peaceful and relaxing just to have a pencil in hand and be absorbed in the moment.

I did warn you, only rough rapid sketches!!

Then today I took my first yoga class. I think I may like it!

Of course a busy weekend lies ahead, but I am feeling energized and ready to tackle it head on. This is good as I have to finish up my work for the biennial in Liverpool by Sunday so I can make sure it arrives in time to be installed. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and stayed tuned next week for a post about my biennial experience so far!

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