This week someone important was stopping by the studio, so I spent all night Tuesday cleaning it up so you could actually move up there. While I was cleaning I realised that the studio is full to bursting with stuff – I have so much stuff. So I started thinking about a post I had read on another blog. I have been reading this blog for a while now, and a while back she posted about stashes and moratoriums. So I am going to go for it! Except for thread I am going to try not to buy any new art materials. Sometimes too much choice is overwhelming, I am going to challenge the limits of my creativity by forcing myself to work with what I already have – which is not much of a hardship, my studio is bursting at the seams with paper. And having made this public I am going to really make an effort to keep this promise to myself (and you). Looking back at past work I can see there are moments when I create artificial boundaries when I have pulled off something great that has forced my work into new paths and made me reevaluate my ways. I am already anxious about paper that may slip through my hands, but really how much paper does one woman need??

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