a weekend away

The hubby and I don’t get away very often – it seems we are always too busy or in demand so it was wonderful to have a little break together this past weekend. We didn’t go far – only to Rochester (about 3hrs away) but it was exciting and refreshing. Saturday was a family day – we primarily went to see our youngest perform in the Rocky Horror Picture Show – so we took her out to eat and attended the performance. We had a blast!

Sunday we slept in and then went to the Memorial Art Gallery. The collection is so varied spanning a vast amount of time and geography, it was like walking through an art history textbook (and so now I really want to be able to take my students back there). It is hard to pick favorites, I liked many things for different reasons but I am going to try. First there was a traveling exhibit. I have to admit to not being a huge fan of these “canned” exhibits but this was an exception for me – as I wrote my master’s dissertation partly about Tiffany’s business partner Candace Wheeler I had to see the Tiffany Glass. If you have never seen the real thing it is amazing – the glass is textured and dimensional and the windows are constructed in layers so that there is so much depth to the colors. It was an absolute treat to see them!

Another favorite was the seer bonnet by Angela Ellsworth. Here’s a link to an article about the work.

Of course I was drawn to it because it is feminine and obsessive, but also luminous and beautiful. A really loaded visual object.

There was also a gem of a painting by Blakelock, whose technique is so modern, paint layered, scraped, glazed and varnished to create astonishing texture and depth, and such a gorgeous play of light. Oh I would buy one if I ever had the money!!

Lastly this work by Devorah Sperber.

There were so many other beautiful things. I will have to go back!!

But time was marching on, and my second reason for heading to Rochester was the Art of the Book, at the library. My friend Diane Bond had several works in the show, and won both honorable mention and second prize in the artist’s book category. If you are in the area it is worth a look. I couldn’t find an online archive of images and of course I was too bust chatting to take any pictures – sorry. I was also able to meet up with a way-back friend – Rachael Hetzel who inspired my interest in books with her letterpress and bindings way back during my undergrad years (she was a grad student). Now she owns a letterpress studio and teaches at U of R. It was wonderful to see her. I am hoping it will happen more frequently in the next few years as I am sure we will be heading that way often to see the youngest perform (she is a lead in another show next month and just got cast again for an upcoming children’s musical)

On an unrelated note – I didn’t make it into the Somerset Studios article, but go buy a copy to see the amazing artists who did. Mine is in en-route in the post somewhere – can’t wait to see the work that was published – and another big THANKS to Seth!

Now I really must to get back to the studio. My well is all filled up and I am raring to go!!

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