happiness project 2

another journal page – still working on “messy”


So a month has gone by and I thought I would share an update on my first month’s “happiness project” (if you don’t know what the heck I’m blathering on about check out this post). I have to admit I was hopeful but skeptical going in – but yea! good news, self improvement with lists and projects is working for me. I exerted considerable effort on relaxing, and in combination with my yoga class I can report that my mood has improved. I find myself more cheerful – even randomly smiling!  I haven’t conquered my need to be doing something all the time, but I have valiantly fought back, taking a weekend trip, with no work! and making time to be with family and friends in spite of looming, seemingly urgent deadlines. I am surprised that this has worked, I am even more surprised that I seem to have more energy – and no deadlines have been missed. Hmmm – maybe there is something to this relaxing thing!

So the idea of the book is to tackle one source of discontent/unhappiness each month. So this month I am focusing on organization. I have been de-cluttering for years, but I still have objects in my home with no permanent place – this months goal – “a place for everything and everything in its place” I know stuff won’t stay put – but I am hopeful I can improve a little! How wonderful it would be to not waste energy wondering where things are!!

In studio news – more of the same. I am neck-deep in research on women’s work. I have been learning how to crochet and make needle lace. As with every new technique one learns my head is filling with new ideas. I am really trying to think about content for those embroidered bindings and I think the needle lace has given me an interesting idea. Hopefully I will have some images to post here soon. I would be embarrassed to share my beginning crochet with you here as it is BAD! But hopefully I’ll be able to figure out the issues I am having with tension and make something that doesn’t look quite so wobbly. Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions on how to improve my technique – if you crochet and have words of wisdom for me – please share!! I am hoping to take a workshop on making and using “plarn” soon, and I’d love to make something cool from recycled bags – the course is being taught by one of my students who makes amazing things from her plarn!!

As for needle lace – well of course it is intricate and time consuming so I LOVE IT!! but it is tricky and again – issues with tension to be worked out – but wow! how amazing it looks. Oh I have BIG thoughts about this one.

OK – back to work! Have to finish the prep for my workshop at this conference tomorrow. Maybe in December I had better work on keeping my deadlines straight so I won’t have to do all this last minute rushing!

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