so much on my mind

My mind is stuffed! So much I want to talk about today – but it would be an insanely long post so I am limiting myself to three today and the rest tomorrow. Here goes…

1. 5×5 Project – today Seth begins his run down of the entire group of entries to his 5×5 call for work. For those of you who have missed my previous posts about this project you can catch up here. I am proud to say that I am included in today’s post – and doubly excited to be in a post with one of my art idols – Will Ashford! Woot! Head on over to the post here – to see a wide variety of responses to his call for work.

my “copy” – not an exact duplicate of the 5×5 project I submitted to the call for work.

2. I have been accepted for a residency at Turkey Land Cove that will happen either late December or early January of next year. This is the first time I have ever been awarded a residency and I am very excited about it. As the date grows nearer and I have more information to share I will let you know! A big HUG to all my NYFA Mark bootcampers who helped me get up the nerve to apply. It has been a year of huge professional growth for me and NYFA’s MARK program has made such a difference. An extra special hug to Ellen who helped me edit my application!

3. The breakthroughs in the studio just keep on coming. here’s a sneak peak of something else I started working on this week. Today is a good day! More thoughts tomorrow!

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