more thoughts and an auction

So I didn’t make it back yesterday – I was distracted by some WORK in my STUDIO!! which is going very well still (sometimes I am afraid to say that out loud in case I jinx myself). I have been reading this blog because I am entranced by her fiber work. I wish there where more hours in the day so I could learn more about working with fibers – perhaps my new research will even take me there but for now I had to make do with sewing on something I already have on hand. II took the idea of my page meditations, but instead of working the page with pen I substituted thread. Of course because it is massively time consuming I LOVE it. And it gave me an idea for a big piece of work which was sort of stuck. I wish I could give up sleeping or something as I am feeling so crunched with both jobs right now. So now I am a bit behind with this next thought.

In case you don’t already know – Seth Apter over at the Altered Page has leapt into action to create an online auction to benefit those impacted by Sandy. Like almost everything he puts his hands on it started out small and grew! I have donated two books which should show up in a bundle at some point during the week. I hope you will head over to his blog and think about helping out by bidding on a bundle (or two). Not only will you be helping a great cause you will also be getting some great stuff – a win-win!!

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