guest book gift

the finished book


A friend of mine got married this Saturday – as a gift I created her a guest book for the reception. The wedding was black & white with touches of red so I used the last of that fabulous fish paper I bought while I was in Stockholm. Can I admit I was a tiny bit mad/sad to be actually using it all – now it is mostly gone except for a few scraps… how silly I am! I used 80lb paper torn to give the illusion of a deckle, and one of my simpler blackwork bindings. I had some issues with the tension on this one, if the diagonal stitches are too tight it pulls the spine out of alignment, but I think it is passable. I also used some of the beautiful textured mulberry from Sweden for the fly leaf pages. I hope it will serve as a lasting memory of their special day.

love the texture of torn paper

such pretty paper…

a simple cable binding from the blackwork series


3 thoughts on “guest book gift

  1. I can understand why parting with that beautiful paper would make you sad. Maybe, on the other hand, our best creations are the ones that entail this sadness of parting with materials and the finished object too. Because we put so much into them. Your guest book is very beautiful!

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