missing again

Oh where have I been? Truth be told, and as some of you already know, I have been ill on and off all year. This week I finally got some answers and will be having some minor surgery in the new year which will hopefully set me back on the road to recovery. I am especially optimistic that my energy will return to normal, and I won’t feel so tired. I am very very slowly plodding along on my sewn altered book, and a few more “crafty” projects which I will show you after their recipients open their presents. And it is the end of another school term, so lots of papers and portfolios to mark – that’s the down side to teaching, handing out the marks. The upside is when my past students get in touch and invite me to something cool. So in lieu of some new work from me…

Josh Clark with his work

Abstract Knapsack by Josh Clark

Josh Clark with his work

Josh Clark with his work

2 thoughts on “missing again

  1. Just want to wish you the best with surgery. It must be nice to end the year with the knowledge that early next year things will hopefully be getting back on track!

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