turkey land cove – day 1

The first day of my residency is almost over. It is quite lovely here – almost too lovely – and VERY clean and tidy. It is a little strange to be working in someone else’s space, and it took me a bit to settle in to some work. I felt a bit awkward putting my tools and materials out in such a pristine space – while my studio isn’t always a complete mess it is lived in. This house is so pretty, like being in a magazine. After setting up, I began the day with yoga, and then a quick journal page to warm up.

a quick warm up journal page

a quick warm up journal page

I worked on a new binding design for most of the day, with a break for a gourmet lunch and some background reading. This binding is actually very sturdy, less difficult than some of the others and quite quick to execute in comparison to some of the previous designs. (see the posts here and here for other examples) I struggled a bit trying to work this out at first, I had to change my orientation before I found this solution. I think I will try and diagram this one and share it.

the binding with its inspiration embroidery

the binding with its inspiration embroidery

I was surprised when my hubby rang to discover it was already 9 o’clock!! After a quick dinner I settled in to some more research reading, and the hours are just flying by. It is such a luxury to be able to just work, but I already realize that the demands of my own home and family are really deeply embedded in my process – like so many women through the centuries I am just used to making do around my other obligations, although I certainly have made good use of this first day. It’s a bit like being in a fairy tale or someone else’s life. It will be interesting to see if I feel differently as the week goes on. And so off to bed!

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