TLC Day #4


Yesterday I sort of hit a wall – I was physically tired after sitting hunched over binding for more than 10 hours, my hands hurt, my hips hurt and my eyes were exhausted. I decided as it was Sunday I would switch gears for a bit. I woke up to a world dusted with snow and ice, so I took a little walk to work out the kinks before even attempting anything in the studio. When I came back I did some big sheets of collage that I will show you later maybe – I want to make some book covers and didn’t bring supplies with me for that – then I did a quick journal page with materials from the site (coffee filters, grasses, pine needles, flower heads) and of course some sewing.

journal day 4

In the afternoon I curled up in the den with some sewing and some TV. I worked for a few hours, napped for a bit, worked some more. A colleague at the college where I teach recently gave me a beautiful piece of calligraphy that was worked by his grandmother. It had been damaged by water and at first he was going to throw it away – but his wife thought I might be able to work with it. As you can see the calligraphy is gorgeous – and you will have to take my word that it is on an exquisite piece of buttery paper. I decided just to sew on it, working around the water stains and the writing. It will be a big project – but I think it will be perfect for an exhibition I have coming up in March. I hope he feels I have honored his grandmother’s beautiful work in the process.


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