residency wrap up

I worked from dawn to dusk on the final day on this little beauty…

never done....

never done….

At the end of the day I met with Emily and Kitty from Turkey Land Cove Foundation to share my work and give my feedback. Then it was time to pack everything back up – and head away home. Back to my studio and my real life. On the 10 hour drive home I tried to wrap my head around the experience. I did enjoy being able to focus on my work – and I really enjoyed having someone to cook for me, but I missed my husband and the way my work flows around my life when I am at home in the studio. The whole thing was a bit surreal – as if I had been plucked out of the world for a week. I didn’t worry about anything – it was very calm and stress free. The clean, uncluttered environment allowed me to just release my everyday concerns and leave my packed schedule and to-do list behind without any residual guilt. But I did miss climbing into bed next to the man I love, and I missed the creative clutter and amenities of my studio. It was a wonderful and unique experience, but I am not sure if it is for me. As I drove back I kept thinking about ways I could bring part of that time back with me into this everyday life. How can I make my time in the studio more sacred and set apart?


3 thoughts on “residency wrap up

  1. I hope you can find a way to bring some of your experience into your life Deb. You deserve it and you have so much work ‘in there’ that needs to come out. That binding is beautiful

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