what was I thinking?

photo by Jennifer Schlick

photo by Jennifer Schlick

This time last year I kept peeking around the corner of the intro to animation class taught by Jeremy Galante. I have never taken an animation or film class. It looked like it could be fun. I decided to sign up this semester. I think it will be fun – but I am so out of my depth! The first assignment is to make a flip book using the principle of metamorphosis. What was I thinking?

I have been approaching it the same way as I would any other art problem – with research. First I found this great site – with all kinds of examples, and a history of the genre. It has amazing video of flip books – I also enjoyed this you tube video of student animation (its about 7 minutes long if you are interested). I have been looking at loads of examples trying to figure out what style of drawing I like –  boy have I bitten off more than I can chew!!

And then I started looking at images and found this (click the picture to go to the original site), which made me feel queasy and really intimidated – the idea is so clever.

flip book style street art

Now I am trying to come up with an idea for a flip book. My first idea was to actually animate my wallpaper design – but I really have no idea how to begin doing that… guess I had better stop blogging and go do some work… wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “what was I thinking?

  1. As soon as you said “metamorphosis” my brain immediately went to monarch butterflies. Imagine that! I can picture starting with a monarch egg on a milkweed plant and going through all the stages of transformation, ending with a female monarch laying an egg on a milkweed plant. But perhaps that is too mundane.

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