less talk, more sewing

trying a new stitch

trying a new stitch

I guess I am not feeling very chatty lately. The college where I teach is cutting the number of hours adjuncts are allowed to teach, so I am trying to decide how I should move forward. I continue to apply for full time positions but the competition is steep. I have started some PhD applications, but in light of available employment just can’t seem to commit.  I did learn this week that I have been accepted to PBI this year, which is super exciting, so I am furiously looking for additional grants to help me get there! My studio work is really beginning to take on a new shape and direction and I keep hoping to find a way to maintain it in the face of ever tighter finances. Ah balance… do we ever find it?

mappa mundi 2 web

work in progress love the grey thread

work in progress love the grey thread

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