can you say overcommitted?

Where have I been? – well, there was the marking for 6 week grades (yuck!), writing even MORE job applications, getting work ready for this upcoming show (opening Friday!) cooking, cleaning, laundry… oh you get the idea. In the meantime things have slipped through the cracks, like this over at Seth’s blog – The Altered Page. Sorry Seth! I am brimful of work I can’t get to, and a bit cranky about that. But the good news is I am hoping YOU can help. I am working on this book that I started during my residency at Turkeyland Cove

a woman's work is never...

a woman’s work is never…

And I need lists – hundreds and hundreds of to-do lists, written by women (sorry guys, but the spine says – a woman’s work). Do you make lists? Would you be willing to contribute a “used” list or two to the project? If the answer is yes please email me at debraeck at debraeck dot com and I will send you my snail mail address. Please spread the word, ask all your girlfriends!! I am looking for all kinds of lists, the beautiful and the scrappy back of a napkin kind, no list too small or too large or too irrelevant or silly. Thanks in advance for your help.

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