animation adventures

The animation class I am taking for “fun” this semester has turned out to be quite a challenge. It has been humbling to see the other students run circles around me – the “professional” artist (and their teacher in other classes). It has opened my eyes to a whole new genre of work out there. We have been working on the basics, bouncing balls, dropping bricks, and I have been struggling along but doing OK. If you want to see an example, here’s a link to my light object drop – a sheet of paper. It still needs work, I need to remember to ease out. I’ll post a new link when I work out the bugs.

Anyway – last night I panicked when I heard that we had to start developing our own characters – yikes! Many of the other students have been drawing their own cast of characters for years, and I don’t think I have ever even thought about making one!!

Fortunately earlier in the semester we did an exercise in flash where we combined a bunch of shapes to create interesting silhouettes, and then we had to do a quick sketch of what character might fit in that shape. So last night I flicked back to that exercise thinking I would develop one of those characters. I picked this shape that sort of looked like a little girl to me, but every time I tried to draw her I wasn’t satisfied. Then I noticed that each time I had started the drawing with the doll she was holding – duh! I was more interested in that. So I developed the doll as my character. And from then on it was FUN!! Who Knew? Then we had to take the character and “force” it into a set of pre-drawn shapes, to experiment and stretch our ideas. Once I stopped trying to animate a real person I had a blast with this. I’m not sure the other students thought my rag dolls were very cool or challenging, but I am pleased with them.

so here are the simple shape silhouettes

so here are the simple shape silhouettes


and the little girl I thought "fit" the shape on the right

and the little girl I thought “fit” the shape on the right

my first doll sketch

my first doll sketch

"forcing her into the different body shapes

“forcing her into the different body shapes

and the heads!!

and the heads!!




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