here again

scrappy journal

I was looking back through my posts from last year searching for something when I read one from right around this time last year. In my “art” life I feel as if I have come a million miles, but in “real” life I feel stuck in the same old rut. I didn’t get that full time teaching job I interviewed for this time last year – in fact I am still mailing out application packets, several each month. Searching is hard work, preparing each packet takes time. My hubby’s  job is looking really insecure and again I am forcefully reminded of how tenuous our finances are. We, like so many others, are barely clinging to the American dream. Again I find myself wishing for a better job, so that I could take part of the burden from him. So I keep on sending out those applications, and I hope somewhere there really is a place for me where life is more sustainable.

Having said that – I love the community I live in, and I was reminded of that today when I spent the morning talking with a local high school sculpture class about my books. Thanks for the invite Mark! As I told them, I love my home and my studio, I have such a great support network here, I’m connected to the creative community. In an ideal world, that sustainable life would be right here. I love the department I teach in, I feel as if I make a difference here.

Ah – as I find myself saying again, and again, and again, BALANCE – do we ever find it??

Work in the studio creeps along, and i want to say a HUGE thank you to all the women who have contacted me about sending a to-do list for the women’s work project. I am humbled to find that I have so many anonymous readers who never comment. I’m glad I have a chance through this book to “meet” you!! Spring break is coming up next week, and I really hope to get stuck in and get it to a place worth showing to all of you.

Buffalo Small Press is also looming on the horizon, so I am also busy making fun, functional books, like the one at the beginning of the post. I love, love making these scrappy little guys, envelopes, mixed paper for the pages, little cards tucked in pockets, not great works of art, but hard working gritty little books to stuff in a pocket or bag, ready for adventure!

Well back to work – animation homework to do. No rest for the under-employed!!


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