and the universe said…

keep those lists coming please!!

keep those lists coming please!!

So it has been a bit bleak around here, which is partly why I have been so uncharacteristically silent – my hubby hasn’t had work in a while and the economic noose is feeling a bit tight. BUT a few days ago I decided to try and buck myself up by not only counting my blessings (which are MYRIAD) but but sharing the wealth a little. Several of my friends have ongoing kickstarter projects, so I made a small donation to each – and to a local organization too. It is funny how focusing outward makes everything less scary. I’m not any richer or more financially secure than I was before but I FEEL better. Huh!

Yesterday I got a call for an interview for a REAL job in my field – actually sort of a dream job for me, so on April 16th send out good vibes and keep your fingers crossed. I also got to spend a wonderful afternoon getting to know the curator of this show – gone viral – better over lunch, followed by a private tour of the exhibit. If you haven’t been to SUNY Fredonia to see it and you live within hailing distance – please go, it is incredible! And then to keep the great vibes going it is finally Spring Break. So I get almost an uninterrupted week in the studio. I will be taking some time out to speak at a conference for these nice people this weekend, and then next weekend I’ll be at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair on Sunday April 7th. That is enough happiness to get me through the inevitable grading.

And one more thing. The lists are arriving almost daily for this project which I am fondly calling – never done – but if you haven’t sent yours yet, don’t despair! I need hundreds to fill the book, so keep them coming. I am hoping to show the finished book this summer. Want to help, email me at debraeck at debraeck dot com. Thanks!

And now I am off to the studio. Thanks for listening.

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