small press wonders

small press 2013a

my sunny spot on day one


Going to the small press book fair in Buffalo every year is magical. I get to see old book friends and meet new ones. This year was particularly amazing as I got to meet Esther K. Smith, author of How to Make Books and part of Purgatory Pie Press. She is pretty amazing, and we traded work (I LOVE trading!). It is so cool when you get to share your work with others in your field, and I am almost giddy with joy because she liked my bindings!! Excuse me while I go all crazy fan-girl here – but she liked my bindings!!! I also got to meet the fine folks from The Workhorsery who were my neighbours on Saturday, they were super friendly – so go buy some Canadian fiction I say!! I managed to come home making a profit although I did break my resolution and buy some new paste papers from the awesome Blowfish Bookbindings. Her paper is so incredible I just couldn’t resist.

I’d really like to thank the organizers and all the people who stopped by and said hi. Its like a big annual reunion. I am energized and excited to get back to my studio and make some progress on never done and chart some of the simple bindings with an eye to teaching/sharing them. Back to work…

my booth day 2

my booth day 2


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