animation update

story book heroine!

story book heroine!

I’ve really been slacking off in my animation class – I am probably at least two weeks behind with only 3 weeks of the term left to go! Not exactly setting a great example for the other students. Partly it is because I have been so snowed under – but partly I was really stuck. We had to draw our character in poses – but my little mousy rag doll, seemed so quiet and bookish I couldn’t image what she would do, except sit. But today I was goofing around and I had a break through. I thought, what if she was imagining or pretending… then she could do all kinds of crazy things!! So above is what I finally came up with – again – I don’t think animators have to worry I am going to steal their job any time soon – but I was smiling the whole time, really, I was having so much fun! I also managed to shoot my head turnaround, so you can check that out here. Again, animators can sleep safely in their beds tonight! But I am OK with that, I am back to having fun. Woot!!

6 thoughts on “animation update

    • Here’s the thing I DIDN’T grow up watching cartoons. I grew up in England, with almost no children’s television. I used to race home from school to watch a show called “Jackanory” where someone basically read you a story. My kids did watch cartoons, but I guess I have never been good at drawing imaginary things. I am much better at drawing something that already exists!!

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