spring cleaning

If you hang out on Instagram you may already have seen the pictures of the chaos in my summer studio. After the children all flew the nest this year I decided instead of heating a whole extra floor all winter to occupy one of their bedrooms.  I have been working in Chelsea’s old bedroom, which I converted to an “office” but as winter progressed I found myself running up to the attic studio, hauling out something I wanted and running back to the office with it.

in case you thought I was exaggerating!

in case you thought I was exaggerating!

I left stuff strewn all over the place up here and consequently I have been cleaning up for days. And there’s no fun in cleaning if you don’t reorganise a bit – so I have been relocating things right and left too. The really fun part is rediscovering all the wonderful things you forgot you had, that were hidden in bins and drawers and cupboards. I decided to try and label what was “hidden” in the hopes I will remember to use it this summer.

wow! look the floor!!

wow! look the floor!!

There are only two weeks left of this term – which means it is only two weeks until I get to experience my first Paper Book Intensive. I am so excited I can barely sleep at night! (and a bit anxious about crossing everything that needs to be done off of my list before I go…) I am looking forward to getting fired up for a really creative hard working studio summer. Now back to the organising and labelling!!

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