catching up

After being away for almost 2 weeks, there was a lot of stuff waiting when I got home (dishes, laundry, planting the garden, and flower boxes, etc.). I can finally see daylight again, and have had a little time while my hands were busy to mull over the experience at PBI.

What strikes me the most is the generosity of everyone I met; how experts were willing to share their secrets without reservation and how everyone treated me as if I belonged – even if I was an amateur by comparison.

It was the life changing experience everyone promised. I did learn some new skills, (most surprising? I made paper that looked and felt like real paper),and I will post about all the classes is detail in the next few weeks –  but the most valuable gift was that of acceptance, to feel as if I had found my “tribe”. It was a great blessing to work alongside others late, late into the night. Even though I did feel a bit overwhelmed at times by the sheer number of people, I also felt as if I belonged there.

So to everyone – a HUGE thank you. THANK YOU!

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