seven for a secret never to be told

seven for a secret never to be told

Ages ago I started this altered board book based on the old rhyme about magpies, and then it languished unfinished… this week I finally got some inspiration, I was on the page for seven – “seven for a secret never to be told” – and I wanted to do something about magpies and shiny things, and maybe keys – because they unlock secrets or keep them hidden. Finally I decided to just use this set of commercial Tim Holtz keys I found at the store. I’m still not sure about them. I am thinking I may go antiquing and see if I can find something a bit more original, maybe old coins (?) especially as I am thinking about developing this into a children’s counting book once I am finished. I have one spread left, and then I have to figure out the final presentation – the tail of the first “sorrowful” magpie hangs off the page – so I have to lift the whole book up – maybe a tree stump – or is that too obvious? I plan on displaying it fully opened, the pages do not close any more, so it will also need some sort of plexi display case. I guess I should think these things through!!! Oh well hopefully I will figure it out in the next few weeks. So here’s an overview of the book so far. As usual I took these pictures so they are not great – but it will give you an idea…

one-web two-web three-four web five-six web seven web


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