lessons from PBI – two

One of the greatest things about attending PBI was meeting all the amazing artists, to meet in person people you have idolized from afar. Some people like Bernie Vinzani and Tim Ely are giants – I was afraid to even speak to them, absolutely star struck! (even though in fact they turned out to be generous with their time and knowledge)

islamic inside-web

But everyone there was an incredible artist in their own right, seeing their work was a really inspiring and humbling experience, and being able to share your work with your peers is just exhilarating! I first learned about PBI reading My Handbound Books – and I am proud to say that I have now worked alongside Rhonda in the studio (although not as productively – she is a human dynamo and easily made two book to my one, running circles around me!)  and I am really thrilled that my first ever guest post is here on Rhonda’s blog!

In this post I share about Yasmeen Kahn’s Islamic Binding class. I hope you’ll head over there and read all about it – and then stay to check out Rhonda’s work (and shop in her etsy store).

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