trying to capture the texture of the wind driven lake

trying to capture the texture of the wind driven lake

Summer always seems to fly by so quickly. Rather than slowing down life accelerates around here in the summer months – I work more hours outside the home, the kids are back from college so there’s more family things going on, and then suddenly it is August and time to think about getting ready to teach. This summer add hubby’s new job to the mix and I was in serious need of some downtime to refill the well.

Friday I headed up to Buffalo. I spent a couple of hours relaxing at the Burchfield Penny. There were some incredible works on display. I had been anxious to see Ben Perrone’s Illusion/Delusion and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. The work has an incredibly powerful presence. It has a stark simplicity that looms over the viewer – absolutely a must see (show runs until September 8th). The other galleries didn’t disappoint either. I don’t recall ever seeing Andrew Topolski’s work before, and I feel I would have remembered it – the drawings were incredible. His iconography reminded me of Tim Ely’s work. It must be quite something to live inside a private universe like that, beautiful and complex. Disclosure is a wonderfully curated selection from their collection, considering societies myths and norms in regard to motherhood, labor and beauty, so right up my alley! I really loved a work called fetch. I wish I could read my handwriting to tell you the name of the artist I guess I’ll have to go back (show runs until December 29th).

Then I met with the great staff there. It is always great to be able to share your work with an appreciative audience. I hope I’ll have some really exciting news to share as a result of that meeting soon. I am happy to say that I also met with Mia the gallery’s gift shop manager, and now you can purchase my recycled journals there if you’d like!! I spent a fun evening at the Artists and Cyclists event in Allentown, and then headed for home. I broke even, so all in all a great day.

Sunday I had a sold out day at the Miller’s Park Festival at beautiful Chautauqua, and then Monday I headed back to the Institution for the opening of the VACI member’s show. I got to take in the afternoon lecture at the Hall of Philosophy which was erudite and restored my faith that expository thinking is still alive and well in America after all, followed by a piano concert, an impromptu dance recital on Bestor plaza, coffee and a contemplative photography class. It is amazing how one day can turn your attitude around. It was a very enjoyable weekend stay-cation. I should do it more often!

who doesn’t love a little rust?


a fence…


and the beautiful evening shadows












































































































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