and then this happened

I have been sewing on this sheet of kozo paper I traded for at PBI. The paper itself is soft and translucent, just holding it is so wonderful. I began sewing circles, they look like galaxies spread out at random across the sheet, but then the paper began to assert its own identity into the work, as I was sewing I began to really feel the fibres were pushing the sewing about and this began to happen, these weird petroglyph-like shapes are emerging. Don’t really know where I am going with this just along for the ride.


6 thoughts on “and then this happened

  1. I read somewhere (sorry but I don’t remember where) that oriental papers are not a surface you work on but a material you work with. They become part of your work and even guide it to new directions. It seems to have happened with you here and the results are beautiful. Kozo is such a lovely, supple paper, isn’t it?

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