happy anniversary to me!

Apparently, wordpress informs me today, I have been posting here on this blog for 6 years! This seems like cause for a celebration, and presents, for you my readers and followers. Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win this journal!! Winner will be picked at random on October 27th. Have a great day!

a dash of colour

a dash of colour

27 thoughts on “happy anniversary to me!

  1. The table cloth is not a bad choice but I think it may clash a little with the journal, as they both contain floral subjects. Either way I believe the the chest in the background makes for an interesting theme. I also enjoy the shadows you have on your banner image.

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  3. I hope you receive a comment from every one of us who enjoys your posts. And, having tried my hand at Coptic books with kettle stitch, congratulations to you on the journal. I have yet to do one that has no dropped stitches.

  4. Thank you again everyone for taking the time to comment – I appreciate that you take the time to read my blog when there is so much out there to read – and that you say such nice things!!!

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