Time in the studio has been rare lately, I was able to get a few hours in on Tuesday – but everything I worked on was for a secret swap, so no pictures. Instead I offer you this little Illustrator doodle I have been working on for my second RealJob at the print shop – it is for a bridal planner we put out every year.


And I am still fiddling around with these drawings…

acetone and marker

acetone and marker

DSCI6520 DSCI6521

Oh and sewing in circles on the paper I made at PBI this spring…

variegated sewing

And don’t forget it is not too late to leave a comment here to win this journal in my “blog-a-versary” give away!! Deadline is October 27th. Mostly though I have been busy teaching – and getting ready for some new ventures; being a creative mentor for a new arts/business program, writing arts reviews for a local paper and preparing some new workshops.

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