sort of fixed it


In the last post I talked about the gap between my vision and my skills, and the struggle I have been having with the Islamic style binding I was working on. I cut apart the doublure on the side of the binding which was too short, I couldn’t get it un-glued. I re-wet the leather on the spine, put a couple of thin pieces of card inside the binding and put it under weights. After the covers had dried again, I re-glued the doublure but I ended up having to patch the inside, I used some mulberry so it wouldn’t add any more bulk. The book is OK. The covers just about meet the edges of the book block. I wouldn’t give or sell it to anyone else, but as it has such beautiful paper it wont be such a hardship to keep it for myself. Here are some pictures of the finished book. I am glad the semester is winding down, maybe over the break I’ll take another stab at it!

the repaired doublures

the repaired doublures



1 thought on “sort of fixed it

  1. understand your frustration — a lot of what is in my head never makes it out! but the photos show that you did finish a nice book!!
    Dunlap TN

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