Happy New Year! All over the blog-o-sphere I find people making new resolutions – did you? Mine are the same as the past few years – to spend more time in my studio and to try and find that elusive balance between family & friends, paid work and my studio. I decided to dive into the new year with this art journaling class – I don’t have a very good track record with this kind of thing – so we will see how it turns out. As this is an art journal the point is to journal not make pretty pages (I think) but I will post the pictures each day just to keep myself honest and on track.

roots day 1

2 thoughts on “2014

  1. I don’t know how you find time to take a class, in the midst of all the other stuff life throws at you – really amazing! Btw, your journal page IS very pretty. My only resolution is to make it through another school year with some of my marbles intact at the end…

    • One of my resolutions was to spend more time in the studio, so I thought this would be a good start. Classes don’t start until the 13th so hopefully I can get a good two weeks in before I waver!!

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