skipping a few days

You will just have to take my word for it that I have been journalling everyday – as some of the prompts are bringing up things I am not ready to share. Today I can share though – so here it is

stagnation, boredom, security,

stagnation, boredom, security,

In other news – my office and studio have migrated to the dining room as it is SO FRIGID (-13) here today. I have been rewriting lectures and reading in my pajamas most of the day. My sewing machine is about to move in too so I can do some work on women’s work after dinner. I can’t believe that my break is almost over – I still have so much left I wanted to accomplish. Ah well.

I want to get back to work in the “studio” but before I go – please consider sponsoring this artist – Elena Thomas – part of the SCIBASE group I have recently been exhibiting in Europe with. They are coming here to do a show in April (yikes another project I need to work on) and to cover her costs she has come up with a way to combine the work with a sponsorship idea. Follow this link to find out how to help, and thanks!

a sample of the beauty you will be sponsoring!

a sample of the beauty you will be sponsoring!

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