a new show goes up

I’ve been looking at a lot of art in the last week, but only a little of it is mine. I am co-director of a women’s art biennial created to coincide with SWAN Day celebrations around the globe. Today I finished helping Colin (our gallery genius) install the show. Deciding where everything should go is SUCH a challenge – and without his help I would still be there doing sums and moving things around, his experience is invaluable in actually getting the show on the walls. When I saw the juror’s selections I knew it would be a great show, but getting it up on the walls is so much work! It is really rewarding to be able to look around once everything is up. It IS a great show – I hope the juror will approve of our curatorial decisions, and I am looking forward to celebrating with the artists on Saturday night! If you are in the neighborhood I hope you’ll come take a look too.

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