an opening and a few experiments

Women Create opened this past Saturday, to an enormous crowd of well wishers. You can see some great pictures from the opening here. There was such a crush I was rather anxious for my map of hours, the paper if quite sturdy but probably wouldn’t hold up to being trodden on! Here it is at the opening

map of hours

map of hours

close up of the top of the map

close up of the top of the map

As the map is on display again, I have switched gears and started a few experiments. I have been longing to make something with embroidered wings after seeing this beautiful work of Michelle Carrager who did the costumes for the Game of Thrones. I have had this whimsical idea of creating an colony of little insects from old computer keyboards. Old technology come to life. Here’s my first attempt

web bug

And then there is a little text & yarn experiment, I am not sure where this is going but it is fun just to play.

knitted page

I have a thought about this one, but i am keeping it under my hat for a bit.



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