getting a little off topic

So there are plenty of things I SHOULD be working on, but there was a dying leaf on one of my orchids, which started this train of thought, beginning at Paper and Book Intensive with that embroidered vellum manuscript from Uppsala

which led me to create my own attempt

a close up of my attempt

a close up of my attempt

in response to which people kept sending me images of embroidered or knitted leaves like this one

which is why the dead orchid leaf has been distracting me, so I did this.

linen embroidery on orchid leaf

linen embroidery on orchid leaf

I love how the cellular structure of the leaf is exposed as it is dying, especially in the circle I cut out which I stitched above the hole. Well that was fun – now I guess I had better get back to work.

5 thoughts on “getting a little off topic

  1. Deb, your time wasn’t wasted; I’m sure those leaf-embroidering skills will come in handy some day! (That sounds like a joke, but I have found that many things like this turn out to be true.) :~)

    • Its not so much time wasted as I have all these looming deadlines and this felt like playing/procrastinating. But really that is how art is made, not always with a plan.

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