This has been a busy week, the Women Create exhibit and month of events is drawing to a close, the last salon was last night, the closing is Saturday, on SWAN Day, when once again there will be an art market full of amazing women artists and a free drop-in mini zine workshop with Wendy Williams and Jean McEwan from the UK. Then a final private reception for the artists and their guests, and its over, the show comes down and a new chapter begins.

The reason I am so busy is I am also the “next chapter”, coordinating an exhibit with over 20 European artists from SCIBase, a group I am also a member of. April will be another whirlwind month of lectures, workshops, performances and a house full of visiting artists. The exhibit is so large it will span two galleries in Jamestown! I’m feeling a little anxious, I hope the artists will enjoy their time here and make some fruitful connections for their work. And I hope I am not too grumpy a hostess for their stay! You can see all about our goings on by going to the colonize page on this blog, here

It has been hard to fit in much time in the studio, I have been trying to get caught up on both my marking and my spring cleaning before April begins, but of course I have managed to squeeze a little time in. A new set of wings is finished and I have been steadily sewing on any leaf that presents itself. So one little peek…

beginning webwings on hoop web


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