AEDM 2 & 3

OK , so only day 4 and I am already behind, but only with the posting – I have actually been trying to get into the studio for a bit, despite mountains of essays that need marking and life in general. On day 2 I finished getting the lists ready for the “women’s work” book, 77 signatures of lists  – it was beginning to feel like a chore and I have been dragging my feet over finishing them. But now they are finally done – today I am going to start the binding – hopefully while I am doing that my mind will unravel the secret of what the covers will look like!



Yesterday I did make a little art of my own (well I printed the next plate of my reduction lino print demo) and I also had a chance to meet Monica Haller at the opening for the Veteran’s Book Project now on display at the Week’s Gallery. We had a really interesting conversation about artistic responsibility and the intersection of art and anthropology which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s an interesting work, I hope some of you will follow the link and investigate the project. My eyes were also opened to the sad fact that a whole generation of American children have grown up in a country at war which I had never really considered. The experience gave me much to ponder – always the result of good art.

Today I am really hoping to get stuck into the binding for “women’s work”. Stay tuned for an update.

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