Happy Journaling New Year!

I am starting this year of again with three new sets of journaling prompts. One I will not be sharing here as it is more wordy – but the other two are going in my art journal I started last year. It is getting very fat now – I cut the spine away so it would have more room to fluff out, maybe by the end of the year it will be almost circular – that would be cool!

New for me this year is the Documented Life Project – I kept seeing it everywhere last year so I thought I would give it a try. There are monthly themes and weekly challenges & prompts –  I am not sure it will be for me as it is much more ART journaling but I am going to give it a try and push myself a bit. Hoping some new book content ideas will grow out of it. And it never hurts to loosen up and try.

The first month focuses on the blank page – which is not such a challenge for me – I have long since learned almost any “mistake” can be fixed, but I am looking forward to seeing their ideas. The first week’s take was book pages – so  – well it fit in to my existing practice and was a comfortable place for me to start. I knew I wanted to start the year with this great border that came from some sheet music someone donated to me. I began by blocking out in pencil all the page that would NOT be covered by the border and circling any ACTIVE words left on that part of the page

I think you can see the pencil lines marking out the spaces and words

I think you can see the pencil lines marking out the spaces and words

Next I blacked out all the exposed text except the words I had chosen to keep using a fine line marker and a fine point sharpie (and a ruler). I left any blanks spaces in the text open so I could go back and write in them.

blacked out text with the border stuck down

blacked out text with the border stuck down

Now I could dive in and begin to journal in the spaces. I used a fine line Bic Z marker for the black text and a white gel pen for writing over the blacked out areas. I have used this technique before in my journals, for me it is a fast way to see what is on my mind, I think of it as meditating on the filled page.

Adding layers of journaling and doodles copied from the border

Adding layers of journaling and doodles copied from the border

I also stamped a few key words in red and doodled with the gel pen to mimic the leaves and flowers in the printed border.

and done!

and done!

I plan to use the weekly prompts to divide my journal and then add daily prompts in between. So turning the page from this spread I began with a page for January 1. I so enjoyed working with the Root Journal prompts from Lisa Sonora Beam twice last year that I am doing this year’s FLOW prompts. It is free to join and you can find everything you need to sign up here. Again – I am not approaching this as art making so much as a way to access my inner muse and kick start my year in the studio. I am using the same kind of “junk” as last year – scraps of paper, collage and found objects, along with some simple stamps and markers. No fancy equipment – just stuff that is laying around. Here’s my entry for January first

letting the muse flow into my studio!

letting the muse flow into my studio!

My goal for this year is to refocus on my own practice. I have so many projects that have been dragging on over the last year (or two) that I want to push on to completion. I am also hoping to get back on track with my blog, and there are more workshops already lined up for next year. I am trying to say NO to things that don’t serve my work and hoping that my family life will settle down a tiny bit! To help stay on my path I also purchased a passion planner – I am a paper person, and I hope it will keep me focused as this year unfurls.

Tomorrow I will post my “best of 2014” – so much happened I want to spend some time fussing with it. Until then Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Happy Journaling New Year!

  1. You are a woman of great ambition! Reading about all this gives me motivation to push nyself, and maybe start an art journal. Yours is lovely, every page like a finished work of art. I also like the idea of leaving the blank spaces to write in! Happy new year to you!

    • Starting the journal last year really helped kickstart my year. Hoping that doing it again will give me a running start to this one as i really want to get these lingering projects finished!

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